10 Lessons from Reading Great Writers

Maria Popova is an extraordinary figure in the age of new media. Her blog brainpickings.org is so consistent and so full of wonderful reflections of real literature, essays, theory, and other forms for art and intellectual creativity that it seems crazy she isn’t a bigger name. You know those people who like to name drop intellectual figures in their conversations, but they don’t seem to know that much about who they are referencing? Popova is the person who actually does all the reading, because she reports on everything she does. From novels and fiction to essays to letters to the occasional scientific treatise, she records her reading by reflecting on it, and sharing it with everyone. Her blog is a TREMENDOUS resource.

I’m clearly not the only one who thinks so, as the attached video indicates. A Youtube creator name Alexander Sandalis put together the below video to showcase some of the MANY things he has learned just from reading Popova’s newsletter. He has animated it in a remarkable way to showcase what there is to learn from synthesizing some of the big ideas Popova has shared.

People like Popova (along with Sandalis) really go against the grain of criticisms of the internet. And especially when looking at the treasury of things Popova has shared, she makes a case that there is a still a fundamentally good version of the internet that we could, if we were willing to try, help bring into being. In the meantime, it’s good to listen to voices like hers and to bring those things to our intellectual lives. She has so much to share!

Dr. Georgia is the D.R.E. at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland, OH.

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