Something about Summertime always makes me whimsically nostalgic. It is a season in which I will eat food that isn’t reasonable to consume for someone who isn’t 12 or under. It is a season in which I will intentionally drive long distances at night just to put the windows down and turn the volume up. It is a season where I don’t mind that watermelon has seeds. It is a season when I love to lean into every cliche/stereotypical/ordinary aspect of warm weather in America.

One aspect of this that has an extra-special place in my heart is minigolf. Because, how much fun is mini-golf? It goes especially well with ice cream. It’s competitive but completely unserious. It is an excuse to be outside, but also just fake enough to feel like you might be in a John Hughes movie.

In any case, minigolf for me is fun and it is synonymous with the Summer that is blooming all around us. BUT! It turns out there is a whole group of people who take this thing WAY more seriously than I do. More seriously, in fact, than I realized it could be taken. Did you know there are professional minigolfers? Did you know there is a minigolf Masters, like with green jackets and everything? Well, you do now. Watch this.

Dr. Georgia is the D.R.E. at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland, OH.

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