A small, but profound video hit me in just the right spot this week, and I’m sharing it with you all. You can look at the video here.

The images are grainy and hard to see, so take a look at this on your computer if you can’t see it well on your phone or device.

Its clearly something someone took on their phone while driving. A hedgehog has stopped in the road, intransigently, unwilling to get out of the road. Maybe he was too scared. Maybe he didn’t know what he was doing. Maybe he was confused.

A bird, noticing what is happening, takes it upon herself to move this hedgehog along. She pushes, and shoves, and pokes.

Now, there is a clear sweetness watching these animals interact — this bird is being so caring and so thoughtful to make sure that this hedgehog isn’t flattened by a car. And she is clearly trying to share her wisdom in order to save this hedgehog.

But there is something else here that, to me, really spoke deeply. Even among the animals there are those who just lose it. They give up. Or they are just lost. They don’t know which way they should go. For any number of reasons, they just sit down where they are. And even among the animals, it is a mitzvah to help one’s fellow up, to point them in the right direction, and even to prod them to make sure they at least get out of danger. We tend to think of this kind of dynamic as something that is uniquely human. Apparently it isn’t, and it turns out that everyone among us may, at any moment, need a shove in the right direction.

Dr. Georgia is the D.R.E. at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Cleveland, OH.